As the New English Art Club exhibit in Mall Galleries, the bookshop has a range of related books, cards and gifts. 

We have a number of titles by member artists on our shelves, alongside one of our bestselling monographs: 'London - Paintings' by Peter Brown.

Peter Brown PNEAC is an all-weather painter of street scenes and city landscapes, who you'll regularly find brush-in-hand painting the streets of London. This beautiful monograph features almost 200 illustrated oil paintings and entertaining anecdotes from Pete 'The Street' himself.

A new release this year, we are delighted to stock 'The Enlightened Spaniel', illustrated by Toby Ward NEAC. Toby's accomplished draughtsmanship adorns the covers and chapter pages of this charming story of a Springer spaniel interested in the teachings of the Buddha.

We also have a beautiful array of greetings cards of members' works. Our limited edition range features Michael Whittlesea's 'Oil Paints', Tom Coates' 'Garden Path at Home', and Robert Cunnew's 'Seaford Head No. 2'. There is also a selection of card packs available, with a watercolour sunset of deep yellows and oranges by Richard Pikesley PPNEAC, and a warming fireside print by Richard Bawden NEAC.

To coincide with the New English's Annual Lecture, the shop has a variety of Bawden titles, including 'Bawden, Ravilious and the artists of the Great Barfield'. This book tells the story of Great Bardfield and its artists, showing how the village and neighbouring landscape nurtured a distinctive style of art, design and illustration from the 1930s to the 1970s and beyond. The writer will be giving a lecture on the subject in the gallery on 19 June for those interested in learning more.

Do pop in for a visit to the exhibition before it closes on the 22 June.

  • London Paintings by Peter Brown £30 
  • The Enlightened Spaniel by Gary Heads, illustrations by Toby Ward, £7.99
  • Michael Whittlesea's 'Oil Paints' card, £2.95
  • Tom Coates' 'Garden Path at Home' card, £3.25
  • Robert Cunnew's 'Seaford Head No. 2' card, £2.95
  • Richard Pikesley card pack, £3 for 6 cards
  • Richard Bawden card pack, £3 for 6 cards
  • The New English Art Club Annual Exhibition Catalogue, £6

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