Whether the lockdown has meant you have spent more time in nature, or been separated from it, we hope you enjoy this collection of paintings of rolling hills and soaring mountains produced by members of the Federation of British Artists as part of The Figurative Art Fair.

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Frances Bell RP Bonfire at Akeld Oil on board £1,845 Buy this painting

"In early spring there are number of attractive bonfires on farm yards as they prepare for the coming summer. I love the rusett light and blue smoke." Frances Bell RP

Akeld is a village in Northumberland.

Toby Wiggins RP Burning Rock: Mount Elijah above Ano Boularii, Mid-afternoon Oil on canvas £4,500 Buy this painting

"Lemon yellow, red ochre and stark, bleached whiteness. Shards of rock push through dry stream beds, stunted leathery shrubs - needle, spike, spine and prickle all baked and cured in the fierce sunlight." Toby Wiggins RP

Toby Wiggins RP Mani Mountain Tower Oil on canvas £4,500 Buy this painting

‘...towers and walls that so exactly tallied in texture and colour with the stone crop of the surrounding hills that it was as if the landscape had shrugged them together into a system of lanes and shot those tall parallelograms into the air on a sudden subterranean impulse.’ Patrick Leigh Fermor 

Andrew Stock SWLA Alpine Ridgeway Watercolour £800 Buy this painting

"Alpine Ridgeway was painted in Austria (Gargellen) in February 2019. It was one of a series of Alpine paintings I worked on." Andrew Stock SWLA

Richard Rees PS Sahara Fort, Morocco Oil pastel on paper £525 Buy this painting

"The Fort is right on the edge of the great sand dune area south of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and near an area popular for overnight camel trips. The scale of the dunes is emphasised by the juxtaposition of the Fort in the foreground. The light is near sunset, which makes the sand glow and emphasises the sinuous form of the dunes." Richard Rees PS

Salliann Putman NEAC Black Hills Watercolour & gouache £775 Buy this painting

Clare Haward NEAC County Sligo Oil on linen on board £900 Buy this painting

Tessa Coleman NEAC Crushed Milk Bottle and Paper Bag Oil on gesso panel £1,500 Buy this painting

"This still life was playtime in the studio. I just grabbed a few odds and ends that were lying around and made the painting all about the colour and abstract shapes that came about by a haphazard arrangement of objects, observed up close from a low point of view. " Tessa Coleman NEAC

I think this looks like a mountain scene, so I included it in this collection!

David Allen RSMA Winter Sun, Bolton Abbey Oil £750 Buy this painting

Colin Allbrook RSMA RI River Taw 22nd April 2020 Oil on board £495 Buy this painting

"One of a series of the River Taw and valley opposite my house here in North Devon painted "pleine aire" during this current lockdown." Colin Allbrook RSMA RI

There are lots more landscape paintings in The Figurative Art Fair

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The Figurative Art Fair is the only exclusively online art fair for the finest contemporary representational art.

Presented by the Federation of British Artists, The Figurative Art Fair features 248 works for sale by around 100 elected members of the country’s leading national art societies, including:

  • The Pastel Society (PS)
  • Royal Society of British Artists (RBA)
  • Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours (RI)
  • Royal Society of Portrait Painters (RP)
  • New English Art Club (NEAC)
  • Royal Society of Marine Artists (RSMA)
  • Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA)
  • Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI)

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