Here, Mistu Gray shares how she fell for Melissa Scott-Miller's RP RBA NEAC charming depictions of Islington, Roy Wright discusses a commission that brought him to the Isle of Wight and Anne-Marie Butlin explains the process of understanding her client's needs.

Mistu Gray first came across Melissa Scott-Miller’s RP RBA NEAC work at Mall Galleries and was drawn to “the intricate detail of ‘ordinary’ life” and the people in her paintings. “We never really know what’s going on in other people’s lives and I found that intriguing. I think that’s why her work touched me,” Mistu observes.

The work she was initially enamored by was already sold, so she commissioned Melissa to create a new painting. As Mistu lives in Glasgow, she didn’t commission a painting of her own garden, but Melissa’s garden in Islington. “Sadly it’s not our garden; we live in Glasgow. I would certainly love to have ours painted - if Melissa would be willing to visit Glasgow!” Mistu was excited by the prospect of having a work painted especially for her and putting her trust in an artist she admires: “I was more than happy for Melissa to paint what she liked and definitely trusted her judgment.”

Islington Gardens by Melissa Scott-Miller RP RBA NEAC

Roy Wright, a member of The Pastel Society, was commissioned to create a charcoal drawing of a tree in Clare Chalmer’s garden in the Isle of Wight."All our family love this oak tree," Clare explains, "we all swung from it during their childhood and our nieces continue to do so." The artwork now holds "pride of place" in Clare's entrance hall.

“The thing that was most enjoyable about this commission was being able to sit in that beautiful, peaceful garden in the sunshine for many hours, without interruption,” Roy recalls. "The human spirit can be refreshed constantly by exposure to nature,” he muses. Trees are a particular source of artistic enjoyment for Roy, who works predominantly in charcoal, because of “their complexity, the amazing structure of leaves and branches.” Roy concludes, “the more you look the more you see. Each tree is individual - its shape today is the story of its life."

Clare Chalmer's garden by Roy Wright PS

Shortly after she was commissioned, Anne-Marie Butlin visited Mandy Summer’s home. There, she observed the room in which Mandy intended to hang the painting and spent time talking, getting to know her likes and dislikes. “She had a fairly clear idea that she wanted the painting to be really striking and impactful in the room,” Anne-Marie recalls. It also became clear to Anne-Marie that the client loved colour, "particularly orange," she noted.

She then spent considerable time exploring the garden, taking photographs from multiple angles. Once back in her studio, Anne-Marie shortlisted the images and sent some options to the client to choose from. According to the artist, Mandy had a clear vision of what she wanted. They agreed to add a piece of sculptural wall into the composition from another part of the garden so that it would be more recognisably hers. The piece was completed after six weeks.

Mandy Summer's Garden by Anne-Marie Butlin

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