David Brammeld RBA PS is showing a collection of his Treescapes in the ‘Inspired by Trees’ section of the Royal Society of British Artists 303rd Annual Exhibition.

He will accompany this with a demonstration of his techniques in creating Treescapes in Graphite on Saturday 22 February, 1pm to 3pm in the main gallery space.

Here he gives us a sneak preview:

“I work in two subject areas: Urban Landscape and Natural Landscape, and I like to move from one to the other, in the same way that one may wish to escape the city and explore the countryside. 

So for me, the inspiration for my treescapes starts with such an escape to the country, where I stretch my legs and eyes and wonder at the amazing structures of trees. I regard them as ‘characters’ and my response is to collect and develop images through sketching and photos and translate these into my chosen medium: acrylic, pastel or graphite. 

For me, trees offer a lifetime’s worth of study, variety and interest. I really enjoy sketching for its own sake... such an enjoyable thing to do.”


David Brammeld's Treescapes in Graphite: 22 February 1pm to 3pm  

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