If eyes are the windows of the soul, what meaning do windows have in paintings? Letting the light in, allowing us to breathe, giving us an escape, keeping us snug and safe when it is dark outside.

There are lots of windows in the paintings in The Figurative Art Fair

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Tessa Coleman NEAC Rear Window Oil on canvas £1,900 Buy this painting

"This is a small painting of light-catching surfaces. The challenge here was how to capture a sense of Charlene’s features whilst looking directly into the light of the window behind her, as most of the time the details of her features were practically invisible against the light. I tried to keep the whole painting as minimal and as delicate as possible without losing the bite in the drawing.

I kept in mind Vermeer’s Lacemaker whilst grappling with Charlene, a painting unsurpassed in my view for containing an entire world in a tiny slice of life.

In Lawrence Gowing’s words: “The Lacemaker bends intently over her pursuit, unaware of any other happenings, it is perhaps the fact that she is so absorbed, enclosed in her own lacy world, that allows us to approach her so close.”

Looking at the painting up close one sees all surface light being described in marvellously delicate and subtle paint application, the red skeins of thread being spun into lace are utterly extraordinary, paint and thread simultaneously." Tessa Coleman NEAC

Melissa Scott-Miller RP NEAC RBA Irises on a Studio Stool by a Sunny Window Oil on canvas £900 Buy this painting

"This is a square oil painting of flowers next to a window on a sunny day, with closely observed and detailed rendering of the petals and painterly rendering of the artists' wooden paint-encrusted stool." Melissa Scott-Miller RP NEAC RBA

June Berry NEAC The African Violet Watercolour £800 Buy this painting

Andrew Farmer ROI Wild Flowers Oil on panel £450 Buy this painting

"An original oil painting from my ongoing Wild Flowers series, this piece was painted from direct observation. The flowers were collected during our daily exercise under lockdown here in the UK." Andrew Farmer ROI 

James Horton PPRBA Kitchen Interior with Tulips Oil on canvas £2,300 Buy this painting

Part of a series of Lockdown Interiors by James Horton, Past President of the Royal Society of British Artists.

Victoria Jinivizian NEAC Tidcombe Oil on gesso panel £2,100 Buy this painting

Steven Outram RBA Belonging Oil £2,300 Buy this painting

"Twilight - a figure on a path seeing a house surrounded by trees, with stars in a fading blue sky - seeing the beauty of place." Steven Outram RBA

David Poxon RI When We Were Young Pure watercolour £2,250 Buy this painting

Neil Pittaway NEAC Blue Danube Facade Pen and ink drawing on paper £850 Buy this painting

"This detailed dip pen and ink drawing is based from drawings I made on earlier trips to Budapest and Bucharest and is based on the Art Nouveau Architecture of both those cities and is a romanticised and imaginary interpretation of that period's architecture and culture with the title referencing Johan Straus' Waltz of the Blue Danube." Neil Pittaway NEAC

Rosa Sepple PRI Kitchen Window Water-based mixed media £2,450 Buy this painting

"The view through the kitchen window of a spring holiday home along the Cornish coast." Rosa Sepple PRI

Richard Sorrell RBA NEAC Memory Room Acrylic £825 Buy this painting

Richard Sorrell RBA NEAC Spring Indoors Oil £2,225 Buy this painting

There are other windows in the paintings in The Figurative Art Fair to explore...

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The Figurative Art Fair is the only exclusively online art fair for the finest contemporary representational art.

Presented by the Federation of British Artists, The Figurative Art Fair features 248 works for sale by around 100 elected members of the country’s leading national art societies, including:

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